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  2. About Vishal

    Vishal is a first name often found in the Hindu community. It is also a common adjective found in North Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. The word finds its origins in the parent language of Sanskrit. In the abovementioned languages, it implies a great expanse or being wide, broad, and spacious. However, it does not directly refer to size. The meaning is more attributive to the property of being grand or great. There is no exact translation for Vishal in English. One of the few interpretations include (1) immense, (2) the unstoppable one, (3) the one who dreams impossible dreams, or (4) the one who reaches for the sky and is creative beyond all understanding.

    It has been suggested that one of Buddha's favorite resort, Vaishali, was named after King Vishal, a ruler during the times of Ramayana. There exists a large, but ruined fort, which is believed to be built by King Vishal.

    "Vishaltha" comes from the word Vishal and is a state of mind that is often embraced by many different religious and spiritual leaders in India. The word embodies the ultimate state of selflessness, or belief that the body, mind, and all worldly possessions belong to God. One in a state of vishaltha believes that the body is only a tool for carrying out the wishes of the Lord Master.

  3. Quotes about Vishal

    1. The passion and domain expertise that Vishal and Sumeet bring to Gamiana and their ability to execute the business plan built my confidence in this team.
      In Indian Angel Network Invests In Digital Gaming Start-up Gamiana
    2. Infosys also told us that there are many things they would like to do in terms of business plans. Once (Vishal) Sikka is back in February, we will share details.
      In Infosys plans to set up a campus in Warangal