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  2. About Vinod Khosla

    Vinod Khosla (born January 28, 1955 in Poona) is an Indian-American venture capitalist. He is an influential personality in Silicon Valley. He was one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems and became a general partner of the venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers in 1986.


    1. The under-served populations of India represent not just a development need, but in fact form a series of large markets with significant and often untapped potential.
      In Unitus Seed Fund Plans To Invest $8 Million In Indian Startups Catering To Low-Income Group
    2. Khosla Ventures continues to be dedicated to building lasting companies, with strong leaders and new technologies that have the potential to disrupt markets.
      In Khosla Ventures Retains Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates As Advisors To Help Portfolio Companies Navigate International Issues
    3. You do reasonable things by being unreasonable. Every five years, people make forecasts and they get it wrong very often. So don't believe in forecasts.
      In Willingness To Fail Is The Key To Success: Vinod Khosla
    4. It is no different than needing good regulation for stock investing or starting a manufacturing facility.
      In Suicides reveal how men made a mess of MFIs
    5. There needs to be more experiments in building sustainable businesses going after the market for the poor.
      In Vinod Khosla Uses SKS Gains To Fight Poverty
    6. We want larger innovation, not getting to the market sooner. You reduce the market risk when you increase the technical risk. If there is a harder technical problem (to be solved), you have a simpler market problem.
      In Khosla Dispels Some Myths at GoingGreen Conference
    7. Which one of your four kids is your favorite?
      In Khosla Dispels Some Myths at GoingGreen Conference
    8. There is room for business model innovation and technology innovation.
      In Silicon Valley warning: Detroit still doesn't get it
    9. Better Place is saying don't let the consumer buy the batteries.
      In Silicon Valley warning: Detroit still doesn't get it
  4. Quotes about Vinod Khosla

    1. The early success of some of their investments has given social VC funds the firepower to emerge from the shadow of mainstream VC. Startups such as Vaatsalya, which runs 10 affordable hospitals for rural and semi-urban citizens, d.light design, which has sold 220,000 solar lamps benefiting 1.1 million people, and Comat Technologies, which has enabled 10 million rural people to digitise land and other records, are worthy examples of profitable firms that address rural markets. They have played a critical role in attracting high-profile investors such as Indian-American billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar to the folds of social VC.
      In India’s changing rural scenario
    2. These include Catamaran Management Services, WestBridge, Sequoia Capital India, Sandstone Investment Partners, Kismet Microfinance and Mr Vinod Khosla, founding CEO of Sun Microsystems, formerly a partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, and partner at Khosla Ventures. They have not sold a single share in the Company.
      In Will face Rs 337 cr risk in case of zero recovery in Ap: Sks