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  2. About UTV

    UTV (formerly Ulster Television) is the ITV franchise for Northern Ireland. The station is operated by UTV plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of UTV Media.

    The station broadcasts from its studio base at
    Havelock House, Belfast. It also operates offices and studios in Derry, Dublin and London. At present, UTV is licensed by OFCOM to broadcast the ITV service for Northern Ireland until 31 December 2014.

    In 2012, UTV will cease broadcasting on the analogue transmitter network.. Along with
    Meridian Broadcasting, ITV London and Tyne Tees Television, UTV will be one of the last UK regions to have its analogue signals turned off. It is as yet uncertain exactly when UTV's analogue broadcasts will cease.

    UTV Media is listed on the LSE and the ISE. For more information on the company and details on the proposed merger with the Scottish Media Group, see here.

  3. Quotes about UTV

    1. UTV does its best in whatever it lays its hands on. Keeping in mind its recent emphasis on the Internet medium, I am glad to be a part of this organisation. I am sure that my experience will be useful to the New Media team. I am looking forward to an enriching experience working with UTV.
      Zaki Ansari in UTV New Media makes two key appointments
    2. Having worked in various domains of telecom such as revenue driven profiles – enterprise network solutions and design, international connectivity in addition to the content and application sides of mobile VAS, my extensive association with this industry will bring forth a different perspective to the New Media business at UTV. I look forward to working with this talented team.
      In UTV New Media makes two key appointments
    3. With a planned focus to optimize on the growing demand for video content, we have associated with one of the leading players in the country today. UTV Indiagames' strong content and established relationships with network operators and Zenga's high quality video streaming service will make this a significant service offering that we believe will be compelling for users
      In UTV Indiagames And Zenga TV Tie Up For Mobile Video