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    1. We will introduce Kayak Internet access platform in second half of next year and this device leverages 3G chipsets as well. The main USP is that it can compute in low power scenario like India. It will cost about Rs 10, 000.
      Kanwalinder Singh in Qualcomm to introduce Rs10,000 laptop
    2. We will be setting up the Jukebox service with the help of voice based platforms. Users will be able to dial in, subscribe and download songs. The USP of this service will be the inclusion of
      In Hungama Digital Media bullish on mobile medium; eyes 20-25 pc growth
    3. There is a proliferation of similar sites in the music category, which will lead to a high supply-low demand scenario - Desihits needs to get a strong USP within the category if it wants to make a dent in the market and not just be an also-ran.
      Sunil Punjabi in Desihits Eyes Funding For India Foray; Can It Score A Hit?