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    Uniform Resource Locator (URL), still known as Universal Resource Locator, is a technical, Web-related term used in two distinct meanings:
    * In popular usage and many technical documents, it is a synonym for Uniform Resource Identifier (URI);
    * Strictly, the idea of a uniform syntax for global identifiers of network-retrievable documents was the core idea of the World Wide Web. In the early times, these identifiers were variously called "document names", "Web addresses" and "Uniform Resource Locators". These names were misleading, however, because not all identifiers were locators, and even for those that were, this was not their defining characteristic. Nevertheless, by the time the RFC 1630 formally defined the term "URI" as a generic term best suited to the concept, the term "URL" had gained widespread popularity, which has continued to this day.

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    1. The trend to target social networking sites started 6-8 months ago. Due to their popularity, Orkut and Facebook were targeted more by hackers. If it was a virus attached spooked Orkut mail that they used first, later they started giving the url of a site that, if clicked, downloads a virus like Trojan Horse.
      Manish Bansal in Shun dancing girl link, save credit card info
    2. A majority of them believe that they are ready to face the Web 2.0 threat but since such sites allow users to put their own content, the possibility of hosting malicious content is rather high. It is practically impossible to block the site. The traditional method of blocking the URL will not work. There is no technology to block data leaks.
      Surendra Singh in Web's dynamic avatar
    3. Companies have started giving people links to their Facebook pages instead of the company URL, and if you run a search for the press release of any big company, the first result will not be the company website. The whole of the first page will be links to blogs and other content sites that regularly write about that area. By understanding these things, an advertiser could be much more effective.
      In Bill Hunt talks to e4m about evolving online marketing