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    1. Our school of engineering is already associated with Indian IT bellwethers Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys Technologies on strategic research projects such as developing next-generation solutions in data privacy and transportation.
      In Bangalore: Yahoo! looks for more investment
    2. Consolidating the good work that we have done over the past two years, relaunching Rajshri.com, increasing focus on syndicated revenue streams and controlling costs. As of now, I will head day to day operations as the de-facto CEO. We have to tide over the current advertising crisis. We've taken steps to introduce new ad units - Tata Indicom gave us 4% CTR. We've instituted compulsory registrations on our site for viewing videos, so that ads can be more focused and targeted. We've also introduced semi transparent ads, floating banners inside the video.
      Rajjat Barjatya in Updated: Rajshri Media CEO Gurmeet Singh Resigns; Rajshri To Focus On Syndication
    3. Tata Nano is going to change the entire supply chain. They are changing the economics.
      Raj Atluru in Silicon Valley warning: Detroit still doesn't get it