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  2. About Software Development

    Software engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. It encompasses techniques and procedures, often regulated by a software development process, with the purpose of improving the reliability and maintainability of software systems. The effort is necessitated by the potential complexity of those systems, which may contain millions of lines of code.

    The term software engineering was popularized by F.L. Bauer during the NATO Software Engineering Conference in 1968.date=February 2008 The discipline of software engineering includes knowledge, tools, and methods for software requirements, software design, software construction, software testing, and software maintenance tasks. Software engineering is related to the disciplines of computer science, computer engineering, management, mathematics, project management, quality management, software ergonomics, and systems engineering.

    As of 2004, the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics counts 760,840 software engineers holding jobs in the U.S.; for comparison, in the U.S. there are some 1.4 million practitioners employed in all other engineering disciplines combined. Due to its relative newness as a field of study, formal education in software engineering is often taught as part of a computer science curriculum, and as a result most software engineers hold computer science degrees.

  3. Quotes about Software Development

    1. Attackers have moved away from nuisance and destructive attacks toward activities that are motivated by financial gain. Today's attackers are increasingly sophisticated and organized, and they've begun to adopt methods that are similar to traditional software development and business practices.
      Vishal Dhupar in Changing Scenario of Web Attacks
    2. Microsoft BizSpark helps remove many of the barriers of entry to the software development tools and technologies and market resources that are critical components of launching a viable business. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs and startups take full advantage of Microsoft BizSpark to transform their ideas into sustainable, dynamic businesses.
      Suren G. Dutia in Microsoft launches BizSpark to jumpstart entrepreneurship
    3. Software testing is as important as any other software development lifecycle activity. As a test engineer, you play an important role in ensuring that the final software application or product meets the desired quality standards, and the success or failure of the application or product largely depends on its quality
      In Software testing is inferior to development is a myth