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  2. About Service Provider

    A service provider is an entity that provides services to other entities. Usually this refers to a business that provides subscription or web service to other businesses or individuals. Examples of these services include Internet access, Mobile phone operator, and web application hosting.

  3. Quotes about Service Provider

    1. This is surely going to add value to a service provider. So we would be looking at partnering with all the service providers on this and move towards mutually beneficial partnerships in this direction. And it is an open-ended initiative so we are open to supporting even other handset brands with this.
      Vineet Taneja in Nokia all set to overwhelm India with Ovi
    2. We will work closely with our service provider, enterprise customers and applications providers to make this strategic transformation happen.
      In Alcatel announces strategic plan
    3. The inherent synergies of Force10 Networks and Turin Networks create opportunities to leverage existing joint distribution, integration and technology alliance partners that will strengthen the new company's presence in both the enterprise data center and service provider markets.
      In Force10 Merging with Turin Networks