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  2. About Sateesh Andra

    Sateesh Andra

    Sateesh Andra is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive, who brings vision, strategy, and leadership to Metrikus. Sateesh co-founded Metrikus in 2005, a leading provider of IT Management Software that enables Global 2000 companies to align IT with business priorities.

    Sateesh started his Silicon Valley career in the early nineties and brings over 15 years of engineering, product and general management experience in the software, semiconductor and internet technology businesses. He has hands-on start-up experience and in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of VC funding. He has effectively leveraged India to create technology products for global markets.

    As co-founder and CEO of Euclid, a leading provider of IT Management Software, he was instrumental in taking it from infancy to growth phase and a hundred plus employees. Earlier, Sateesh held management positions in business development and marketing in Silicon Valley start-ups, RealChip (Comstellar Communications) a VoIP Chip Company and Tsqware Inc (Conexant), a Network Processor Company.

    Other than his leading role in start-ups, he gained operational experience in public companies such as LSI Logic and Wipro. Sateesh spearheaded development and product management of the Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Chips at LSI Logic which were designed-in at major networking and telecom OEMs including Cisco, Nortel and Lucent.

    As a charter member of TiE, and convener of the TiE-ISB Connect, Sateesh is actively involved in creating a common platform for successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academicians, and potential entrepreneurs to interact and thus help build successful enterprises.

    Sateesh holds a B.S in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in India.


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