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    1. Sanjay has just left, and he's not running away overnight anyway. We share a very cordial relationship. We are yet to take stock of the situation and decide on a course of action.
      Vikram Chandra in Sanjay Trehan Quits NDTV Convergence A Day Before Relaunch of Flagship Site; Headed To TIL?
    2. Sanjay (Swamy) has brought in a Silicon Valley touch, a flat organization with lots of discourse.
      Valerie Rozycki in Mchek Aims To Grow 10-Fold In Five Years
    3. The microfinance sector is at a key inflection point – how does it sustainably scale-up to meet the huge need without losing sight of the larger good. Strong commitment to social impact and fresh ideas are needed to continue to attract capital and new investor classes to the base of the pyramid. We are delighted that Sanjay has chosen to join the board of Grameen Capital. His vast experience and deep insight into the capital markets will be an invaluable asset in the fight against poverty.
      In Sanjay Nayar Joins The Board Of Grameen Capital India