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    The Samsung Group is a South Korean conglomerate (chaebol) composed of numerous businesses, including Samsung Electronics, one of the world's largest electronics companies. Samsung Group is South Korea's largest exporter and is helmed by Chairman Lee Kun-hee, the third son of the founder Lee Byung-chul. The name "Samsung" means "three stars" or "tristar" in Korean."

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    1. Samsung Pixon is made for users who want to experience the best multimedia entertainment on their mobile phone with the ease of a touch. Right from enjoying music and videos on the 8.1cm wide full touch screen, to high quality image and video capturing, to sharing them with their friends and family, Samsung Pixon offers consumers the real benefit of mobile entertainment.
      Sunil Dutt in Tech2.com India > Samsung Launches 8MP Pixon in India > News on ...
    2. We have recently announced partnerships with Panasonic, LG and Samsung, where Skype is preloaded on flat panel TVs so you get beautiful video right in the family room
      In Skype Calls for ‘Ubiquity’: Mobile Video Calls
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