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    1. Such an investment thesis is not applicable in India.
      In Indian startups score lower than Silicon Valley companies
    2. The market that Cbazaar addresses is very large, and we're confident that with this capital infusion, the entrepreneurs will propel the company to a higher level of growth.
      In Ethnic wear e-tailer Cbazaar raises $3.5M from Inventus Capital, Ojas
    3. In Savaari, we found a passionate entrepreneur who had boot-strapped the business to make it a significant pan-India operation.
      In Savaari Car Rentals Raises $1M From Inventus Capital Partners
    4. The bulk of VC investment happens in technology, and Bangalore is the Heart of Technology startups by far.
      In Bangalore: The Heart of VCs
    5. We liked the passion of these entrepreneurs to build a large company in the digital marketing space.This, coupled with their Amazon background and their considerable traction with advertisers, makes us sanguine about their prospects. We believe they will emerge as a leading global player in this space.
      In Digital Marketing Startup Raises Series A From Inventus Capital
    6. Uniqueness is the key for any new application and to get that uniqueness a good understanding of consumer needs is required
      In 'Entrepreneurs have enormous opportunities in mobile space'
    7. With the economy improving in general, we'll see a lot more investors working on new investments this year. While numbers are hard to project, I would not be surprised if we see double the number of deals this year compared to 2009
      In VC buzz is back across verticals
    8. Software products, KPOs, mobile services, embedded software and Internet-based businesses are some of the areas we are likely to see activity in.
      In VC buzz is back across verticals
    9. Many of the investors who came into this space in 2000 did not have these backgrounds, hence (they) moved on to late stage funding, which is an area they know better.
      In Slowdown fails to deter technology start-ups
    10. VCs will take a call, particularly if a company is doing well and needs money to break even. They know there is no point in letting it out if it's doing well.
      In VCs increase stake, trim risk by financing portfolio firms