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  2. About Rupee

    The Rupee (₨ or Rs.) (from Sanskrit rupyakam meaning coins of silver) is the common name for the currencies used in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius, and the Seychelles; in Indonesia the unit of currency is known as the rupiah and in the Maldives the rufiyah. The Indian rupee and the Pakistani rupee are subdivided into one hundred paise or pice (singular paisa) and the Nepalese rupee can be subdivided into one hundred paisa or pice (both singular and plural) or four Sukas (sing. Suka) or two Mohors (sing. Mohor)."

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    1. We crossed a significant milestone reaching US$1bn in net profits during the year. We have also successfully maintained our margins during the year, despite an 11% appreciation in the rupee.
      In Infosys meets street expectations
    2. This is now about managing currency as much as it is about investment management as the risk of the erosion from a depreciating rupee has come home to roost.
      Subbu Subramaniam in Private Equity Form Syndicates For India Acquisitions
    3. Our revenue numbers for the quarter were also adversely impacted by a 25% year on year average depreciation of the Indian Rupee vis-à-vis the US dollar
      Ajit Balakrishnan in Rediff.com Invests in Education