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  2. About Reality

    Reality, in everyday usage, means "the state of things as they actually exist." [http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/reality] The term reality, in its widest sense, includes everything that is, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. Reality in this sense may include both being and nothingness, whereas existence is often restricted to being (compare with nature).date=February 2008

    In the strict sense of philosophy, there are levels or gradation to the nature and conception of reality. These levels include, from the most subjective to the most rigorous: phenomenological reality, truth, fact, and axiom.

  3. Quotes about Reality

    1. We will define 2007 as the year that managed services and in particular, managed security services, have become a reality.
      In MX Logic Announces 2008 Threat & Managed Service Predictions
    2. Virtual reality will soon become the way our minds are designed, the way our eyes view the world.
      In Changing the way we work and play
    3. Google has monetised this. Technology has to evolve in order to make the net a reality on the mobile. At the moment the mobile is mainly good for email. In India broadband prese3nts a major challenge for the development of web 2.0. In addition Indians are not used to putting videos of themselves.
      Sanjeev Bikchandani in Digital media offers triple play opportunity for broadcasters