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  2. About Rajesh Jain

    Rajesh Jain

    Rajesh Jain is Managing Director of Mumbai-based Netcore Solutions Pvt Ltd, conceptualized in 1998 with the aim of offering affordable software solutions to Indian companies.

    Rajesh launched IndiaWorld, the largest collection of India-centric websites in 1995 (Samachar.com, Khel.com, Khoj.com etc), which he sold to Satyam Infoway, in November 1999, in one of Asia's biggest Internet acquisitions.

    Rajesh Jain attended St. Xavier's College from 1982 to 1984. Among his classmates were Narendra Shenoy and Nikhil Meswani.

    Rajesh Jain graduated in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 1988, and obtained his Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, New York in 1989. He worked at NYNEX Science and Technology for 2 years before returning to India in 1991. He founded Ravi Database, a consulting and image-processing company for medical and metallurgical needs, the following year, before plunging into the IndiaWorld venture.

    Rajesh is currently building on his concept of the ‘Emergic Ecosystem’, a low cost innovation in computing.

    Companies Rajesh co-founded/board member in:

    * [http://www.novatium.com] Novatium, IT product development & solutions company
    * Rajshri Media, A broadband and mobile content company.
    * n-Logue, Provider of internet and voice services in rural areas & small towns.
    * Midas Communications Technologies, a wireless broadband technology company.
    * SEraja Technologies Pvt. Ltd"


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    2. While the mobile additions exceed 10 million a month on one hand, ARPU's continue to drop on the other hand. Telecom players recognize that increase in VAS revenues will be an important aspect of future growth and profitability. Players in the value chain are innovating and focusing on increasing the market size for their products and services.
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    4. We have been working on it for 7-8 months now, so we will surely be able to produce a complete report.
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    5. The next generation of publishing will have to adopt a 360-degree strategy to reach its consumer—through print, Internet and mobile. I'm hoping to work with Mahesh on the Internet and mobile side.
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