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  2. About Parliament

    . The name is derived from the French parlement, the action of parler (to speak): a parlement is a talk, a discussion, hence a meeting (an assembly, a court) where people discuss matters.

  3. Quotes about Parliament

    1. With the Company's Bill in Parliament, the new role of MCA-21 will be spelt out soon. MCA21 is an effective and outcome-oriented program and we should aim at what business will be in the next five years.
      Kiran Karnik in MCA Plans for Technology as a Service Offering
    2. The result of the vote is a strong signal for Europe. The broad majority in parliament clearly shows that Germany is committed to the euro and to protecting our currency.
      In Europe Again Steps Back From Brink In Debt Crisis
    3. The Indian parliament has a history of rejecting many proposals already cleared by the cabinet, We can only hope that this bill doesn't face the same fate.
      Nitin Kumar in Microlender Sees Reprieve in New Law: Corporate India