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    2. インドの個人向け融資スタートアップMoneyTap、シリーズAラウンドで1,230万米ドルを調達

      ...p は、アプリベースの個人向け融資スタートアップ。その MoneyTap が、 Sequoia Capital India のリードするラウンドで総額1,230万米ドルの資金調達を行った。同ラウンドには既存投資家として New Enterprise Associates や Prime Venture Partners も参加した。 今回調達した資金を利用して、 フィンテック スタートアップである MoneyTap は新たに6つの銀行...
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  2. About New Enterprise Associates

    New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is one of the world's leading venture capital firms focused on information technology and healthcare investments. NEA was founded in 1978 by Chuck Newhall, Frank Bonsal and Dick Kramlich and has over $8.5 billion under management, making it one of the oldest and largest venture firms in the world. NEA has been a consistently top performer, and its latest funds (NEA 10 and NEA 11) are top decile performers. NEA has backed transformational companies such as Apple, TiVo, and Juniper. NEA's management team has invested in over 500 companies, of which approximately 200 have gone public and 195 have been acquired. NEA has offices in Reston, Virginia, Menlo Park, California and Baltimore, Maryland.

    NEA was one of the original venture capital investor in HealthSouth Corporation. NEA co-founder Chuck Newhall also served on the HealthSouth board of directors from 1984 until 2003.

    In 2005 NEA has announced its backing of Northern Light (not the search engine), a venture capital fund co-founded by Chinese entrepreneurs Feng Deng, Yan Ke, and Min Zhu, who co-founded and was president of NEA portfolio company WebEx Communications. The firm has also since opened an office in India."