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  2. About Network Appliance

    NetApp, Inc. (NTAP), formerly Network Appliance, Inc., is a network storage and data management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It is a member of the NASDAQ-100 and ranks on the Fortune 1000. NetApp is credited with the widespread adoption of Network Attached Storage or "NAS". This is a type of disk storage where the Storage Array owns and controls the filesystem and then presents files and directories to hosts. This is sometimes called "File Storage". Other storage vendors like EMC and Hitachi Data Systems traditionally provided "Block Storage" over a Storage Area Network via the Fibre Channel protocol. NetApp's NAS approach has meant that many large corporation have adopted NetApp File Storage for Home Directories and Group Data. In 2002, NetApp added Block Storage access as well, in an attempt to increase market share. Today, NetApp supports disk storage access via NFS, CIFS, Fibre Channel and the rapidy emerging iSCSI protocol. In 2006, NetApp lauched a Virtual Tape Library or VTL product.

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    1. Our deep domain expertise, and our ability to quickly align expert technical resources is what makes our customers to come back with new projects. By completing the development of network appliance in a record time, Rapidsoft Systems has once again proven that our development team is capable of satisfying the most demanding customers, and is second to none in this space.
      In Rapidsoft's Product Development Team Delivers Software for an Advanced Network ...