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    1. Indian matrimony sites are emerging as leading candidates in controlling access to a majority of future, web-based personal services/products - because of the still-evolving, online behavior of the average consumer, these match-making destinations have an advantage in creating lifelong customer stickiness with the developing Indian web user. This position of strength could very well change the future internet landscape in one of the largest national economies in the coming years.
      In Indian matrimonial portals booming
    2. I wanted to take innovations across the country and cater to a large cross section of our society. Thus, my next step was to go national and that's how I ended up being an entrepreneur.
      In Off the Beaten 'Path'
    3. We are not shutting down MetroNation Delhi but scaling it down. The TRPs of MetroNation Delhi have been excellent and it's the most watched english news channel in the NCR region, ahead of other national english channels. Plans to launch Chennai MetroNation are on track.
      In NDTV Metronation Downsizes By 50%; To Remain On Air With Shows Bank, Local News