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  2. About Naspers

    Naspers (NPN) is a South Africa-based multinational media company with principal operations in electronic media (including pay-television, internet and instant-messaging subscriber platforms and the provision of related technologies) and print media (including the publishing, distribution and printing of magazines, newspapers and books, and the provision of private education services).

    Naspers’ most significant operations are located in South Africa, from where it generates approximately 72.7% of its revenues, but other significant operations located elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, Greece, Cyprus, the Netherlands, the United States, Thailand, Brazil, Poland, Russia, India and China.

    The strategy of Naspers is to create media content, build brand names around it, and manage the platforms distributing the content. Naspers then delivers its content in a variety of forms and through a variety of channels, including television, internet services, newspapers, magazines and books.

    Naspers is divided into two core segments: electronic media and print media.

    The electronic media arm of Naspers is MIH Holdings and controls Naspers' pay-television, internet and related technology activities. MIH Holdings either owns or operates pay-television and internet subscriber platforms in Africa, Greece, Cyprus, Thailand and China and contributed about 65% to Naspers’ total revenue and 80% to its operating profit in the 2007 fiscal year.

    The print media arm of Naspers is Media24, which controls Naspers' newspaper and magazine publishing as well as printing activities but also includes the internet activities of Media24 Digital. Media24 is Africa's largest publisher, printer and distributor of magazines and related products as well as one of its largest newspaper publishers. The print media segment of Naspers contributed about 35% to Naspers’ total revenue and 20% of its operating profit in the 2007 fical year.

  3. Quotes about Naspers

    1. There are certain changes and plans, which will be announced by Naspers later.
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    2. Naspers is consistently looking to invest in markets where technology can make a significant impact. Udemy has built a technology platform that will transform education on a global scale and we are eager to help them with further expansion.
      In Naspers Invests $60M in Udemy to Expand Global Reach
    3. India is a key market for Naspers and this deal reinforces our commitment to the country. ibibo and MakeMyTrip have built leading companies through their innovative use of technology to create exceptional experiences for people traveling throughout India and, increasingly, beyond.
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