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    1. We are excited to be hosting the DemandTec Retail Challenge Grand Championship round again this year. Last year's students worked so intensely on their simulation, and having them be part of the closing bell ceremony was a truly enriching experience for not only the students but also for members of the NASDAQ team.
      In DemandTec Announces Fifth Annual Scholarship Competition and Charter Sponsors
    2. Besides, good companies can tap capital in any market situation and if you are coming from an emerging country like India or China, then you definitely have a bouquet of markets to select from. However, in my opinion, Nasdaq is the most preferred spot for technology players.
      In More venture capital or private equity-backed firms looking to float overseas
    3. If it is in a category like online travel or e-commerce, which is understood better out of the country, and if the company is catering to global customers, it makes a lot more sense to list on the Nasdaq or NYSE.
      Mohanjit Jolly in Overseas Listing May Benefit E-Commerce Firms