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    1. We are excited to be hosting the DemandTec Retail Challenge Grand Championship round again this year. Last year's students worked so intensely on their simulation, and having them be part of the closing bell ceremony was a truly enriching experience for not only the students but also for members of the NASDAQ team.
      In DemandTec Announces Fifth Annual Scholarship Competition and Charter Sponsors
    2. We are planning to unlock the value of Bharatstudent.com by listing on the Nasdaq, by early next year. We have already identified our bankers and hope to achieve this on time.
      In BharatStudent.com Plans to List on Nasdaq
    3. MMT was the first big multi-bagger opportunity for a fund in India as earlier debuts like Rediff etc. on NASDAQ didn't do too well.
      Shailesh Vickram Singh in With A String Of Stellar Exits, SAIF To Ramp Up Early-Stage Play