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  2. About Motorola


    Motorola Inc. is an American multinational communications company based in Schaumburg, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.

  3. Quotes about Motorola

    1. Soundbuzz now has access to Motorola's massive install base of mobile handsets in the Asia-Pacific and the opportunity to deliver our online and mobile music services to those customers. Motorola is looking to capitalise on Soundbuzz's tried and tested online and mobile music delivery platform in India, South East Asia and Australia to enhance its consumer offerings, primarily in the shape of its motomusic service.
      In Motorola to acquire Soundbuzz
    2. Motorola listens closely to our customers and the business problems they face, and this hosted SDV solution is a great example of how we can combine innovation with over 50 years of broadband expertise to creatively address those problems.
      In Motorola Delivers Hosted Switched Digital Video Solutions to Independent Video Service Providers
    3. Motorola is pleased to partner with the Public Safety Agencies within the Bay Area to set the foundation for this next generation public safety communications platform. This system is the first of its kind and establishes a blueprint for a nationwide fabric of interoperable public safety broadband networks.
      In San Francisco Bay Area Selects Motorola for the Nation’s First Public Safety 700 MHz LTE Broadband Network