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    2. Six super service deliveries - Columns - livemint.com

	Six super service deliveries - Columns - livemint.com
      In good cheer of the holiday season, a columnist’s thoughts turn to happy experiences. Mellowed by the Christmas spirit, I decided to skip the rant and dwell on those offering great service to Indian customers. Now, for some quick caveats. All lists are, by construction, subjective and not exhaustive. The names below may not deliver perfectly all the time. But they do most of the time and for most ...
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    1. A;ny person who provides information about talented people they know will be rewarded with i-mint points. StarReferral is a talent sourcing system that leverages the power of social computing to help companies win the war for talent by providing unprecedented access to passive candidates (those who are working but are not on the look out for another job) around 60 per cent lower cost per hire.
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    2. Since its inception, Mint has been carrying a Breakingviews column every day
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    3. Sidin will report to me and work closely with Mint's senior editors Niranjan Rajadhyaksha, Anil Padmanabhan, Priya Ramani, Tamal Bandyopadhyay, Manas Chakravarty and Mint TV's S. Srinivasan and Jasbir Ladi, as we work towards building a truly integrated newsroom.
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