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  2. About Metro

    A rapid transit, underground, subway, elevated or metro(politan) system is a railway — usually in an urban area—with a high capacity and frequency of service and grade separation from other traffic. In most of the world, these systems are known as a "Metro." In London, the system is called the "Underground," in Buenos Aires "Subte", (a short colloquial word for subterráneo, Spanish for underground) and in most of North America and in Glasgow, Scotland, "subway." The oldest rapid transit system in the world is the London Underground, which opened in 1863. The Underground is also the most extensive rapid transit system in the world.

    The two primary ways that subway tunnels are constructed are by cut and cover and tunnel boring.

    One hundred sixty-two cities have rapid transit systems, totaling more than 8,000 km (4,900 miles) of track and 7,000 stations. Twenty-five cities have new systems under construction."

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    1. In rural areas, people are buying jewellery as a means of investment and also for marriage purposes. However, in the metro cities, people are holding back their money waiting for the prices to go down.
      In Rural areas, semi-urbans race ahead in buying jewelery
    2. Metro 3G is the aboriginal buzz in the Metro alternation that offers 3G connectivity and admission to SNS and IM features. This beautiful buzz as well array on annual of its added multimedia features.
      Ranjit Yadav in Metro 3G Mobile Phone From Samsung
    3. The new entity would have a robust infrastructure of 10 offices in major metro cities across India, a distribution network that includes over 2,500 stores and over 22,000 vendors, thus allowing us to penetrate not just the top 12 cities, but the top 400 cities in India in a very meaningful manner.
      In ACK Media acquires India Book House