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  2. About McAfee

    McAfee, Inc. (pronounced MIC-aff-ee) is an antivirus and computer security company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It markets McAfee VirusScan and related security products and services, including the IntruShield, Entercept, and Foundstone brands.

  3. Quotes about McAfee

    1. Mobile users, modern web-based applications and ever more sophisticated cyber criminals have combined with the economic environment to create the perfect storm. By expanding application protection capabilities, backed by the researchers at McAfee Labs, McAfee provides a new value proposition to customers.
      Charles Kolodgy in McAfee unveils new firewall solns
    2. McAfee focuses purely on security, with a multi-dimensional strategy and approach to the delivery of protected technologies and products and a vision we share on the future. Bringing software closer to the silicon will help Intel strengthen security to more effectively counter the increasingly sophisticated threats of today and tomorrow.
      In The Hindu Business Line : McAfee acquisition will augment mobile wireless strategy, says Intel
    3. By running McAfee Web Gateway security on the Regions Security Policy (RSP), enterprises experience these benefits along with the ability to proactively protect themselves against the threats that attack systems via social media and other Web 2.0 applications.
      In McAfee, Riverbed to provide integrated security - indiablooms