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    2. Komli Media 為加快亞太業務發展重組領導團隊

      ...omli Media 印度和北美業務的前董事總經理 Gulshan Verma 已被晉升為首席營收官 (CRO),並將負責 Komli 所有業務的盈虧。此次 Komli Media 建立新的 CRO 組織,該組織將包含 Komli Media 在世界各地的所有地區和業務董事總經理。此外,Komli Media 的共同創始人、東南亞 (SEA) 董事總經理 Akshay Garg 還將擔任領導 Komli 全球策略和業務運營的新職務。他們...
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  2. About Komli


    Komli provides products and service for digital advertisers and publishers to make online advertising more productive and efficient.

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    1. Komli is an innovative, technology-driven company with an exceptional strategic vision for the future of online advertising in India.
      Suvir Sujan in Komli gets $7 Mn funding
    2. PointRoll's advanced advertising formats have incredible reach and enable unlimited creativity. We are excited to team with Komli to continue breaking down barriers that have until now prevented marketers in India from creating highly interactive, engaging rich media campaigns.
      In PointRoll partners with Komli to serve ads in India
    3. I am very excited to have Prashant join our leadership team. Prashant has great experience, a passion for technology and a very strong record of success in building businesses and organizations. Komli Media will benefit immensely with his addition to our team.
      Amar Goel in Prashant Mehta Leaves Yahoo For Komli Media