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    2. Dish TV Adds 0.22M Subscribers; Loss Of Rs 38.2 Cr In Q3-FY14

      Dish TV Adds 0.22M Subscribers; Loss Of Rs 38.2 Cr In Q3-FY14
      Direct to Home television services operator, Dish TV‘s subscriber growth rate seems to be have marginally picked up: it added 0.22 million subscriber additions in the quarter ending December 31, 2013 (Q3-FY14), up from 0.18 million new users in previous quarter, but down from 0.83 million subscribers it added in the same quarter last year. The net subscriber base now stands at 11.2 million.
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    1. This money will be utilized for customer acquisition for the next two years.
      In Dish TV To Raise $200 Million Through FCCBs To Fund Customer Acquisition
    2. All the shareholders were consulted before we were offered the stake. But once we entered, then some companies like ABP and The Hindu did not like it and the matter went to court. We have cooperated on every decision by the board but now the company has reached a stage where it is not even able to pay salaries. We could have waited for another ten years in litigation, but the prospects of revival for the company was going down by the day, so we have decided to withdraw.
      In Subhash Chandra Withdraws From Race For United News Of India