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  2. About Index Ventures

    Index Ventures is a venture capital investment fund based in Geneva,Switzerland. Funds currently under management are believed to be about 500M Euros. [http://www.tornado-insider.com/radar/compShow.asp?compID=4657] The main areas the fund invests in are Information Technology and Life Sciences [http://www.indexventures.com/cgi-local/ivw_approach.cgi?spgid=8]. The fund's most famous investments have been in Skype[http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/cgi/news/release?id=119130], MySQL, and Betfair[http://www.thealarmclock.com/mt/archives/2005/02/oh_danny_boy.html].

    Although based in Europe and focussed mainly (but not exclusively) on investing there, Index is considered to have the investment philosophy of a typical Silicon Valley venture capitalist and to have unusually strong business relations in Silicon Valley for a European investor. [http://www.technologyreview.com/Infotech/14788/?a=f]

    In 2007 Daniel Rimer, a partner at Index, was picked for the prestigious Forbes Magazine Midas List of the world's 25 best deal makers in venture capital.