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    1. We believe that entertainment is now moving towards the online arena with social gaming and reality entertainment becoming huge on the SNS platform. With the internet revolution making its presence felt on almost every aspect of our life, certain traditional ways of entertainment are bound to fade away with the oncoming of new and exciting initiatives that are taken keeping in mind the latest trends that are taking place. Such initiatives are taken up because the general public themselves want this change to happen as they are ready to mould themselves accordingly. So initiatives such as ibibo i-serial star can be said to be a pathbreaker in bringing about a paradigm change in the Indian reality show scenario.
      Rahul Sharma in ibibo in search of its i-Serial star; seeks to change Indian reality show scenario
    2. With the i-Serial Star, Maruti and ibibo.com have come together to provide a platform to those who follow their dreams and are ready to take on the challenge to prove their potential.
      In India’s First Online Soap To Premier In August
    3. Everyone is networking these days. Facebook, ibibo, Myspace, Twitter – the list is simply endless. The user base is witnessing a burgeoning growth. Web 2.0 is a powerful interactive platform to spread brand awareness by striking a chord with a wide and niche audience. It is a faster, easier and cost-effective way to generate brand awareness.
      In Intex Technologies to ride on Facebook, ibibo popularity for brand awareness