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    Hitesh Oberoi

    Hitesh Oberoi is a co-promoter, director and COO of naukri.com. He graduated from IIM, Bangalore, in 1996.


    1. It's not a very visible change, but what it means is that the search algorithm has become a lot better than earlier. We are throwing more relevant responses to people who search on the site.
      In Naukri Rolls Out Semantic Search, Career Site Manager
    2. We'll do the front end for you, and develop the back end for responses. We've rolled out a basic version, and the idea is to power every corporate site in the country.
      In Naukri Rolls Out Semantic Search, Career Site Manager
    3. Hiring environment was not as buoyant as it used to be, and collection growth and advanced indicators of sales have slowed down in the last two quarters and business growth may continue to be subdued in the next 2-3 quarters.
      In Info Edge Q4FY12 Conference Call: Plans For Naukri & Other Verticals; Invests In 99Labels & Nogle
    4. We have been constantly adding customers, we just released our ad campaign on television and we got a very good response. We are getting repeat business.
      In InfoEdge Q1-FY12 Call: Vertical Specific Results; 99Acres Profit; Mobile Apps; Investments
    5. That's how the business is going to sustain in the long run.
      In Info Edge Q3 FY11 Call: Vertical Specific Results; Co Should Look At Mobile
    6. Tools like job alerts multiplied our traffic as early as 2001-02. The volumes today have moved up to 30-40 million job alerts a week. Matching is a key component of making emails work. In fact, we are moving towards behavioural targeting to increase the efficacy of mailing.
      In Email marketing: Stigma of spam still serious
    7. We had carried out a number of minor revamps in the past, but since it's quite an old site there were a number of legacies that we wanted to set right to give us more flexibility in the future. Over a period of time the site had got cluttered, the navigation had gotten spoilt resulting into poor user experience.
      In Naukri.com Revamps its Site