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    Google Desktop is a desktop search software for Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows. The program allows text search of a user's e-mail, computer files, music, photos, chat, and Web pages viewed, and other "Google Gadgets"."

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    1. Google is not a doctor, but people come to us with a lot of health information searches.
      Marissa Mayer in Google says working to solve health record dilemma
    2. The Commission's in-depth market investigation found that Google and DoubleClick were not exerting major competitive constraints on each other's activities and could, therefore, not be considered as competitors at the moment.
      In International: Google Completes Merger of DoubleClick
    3. Google has monetised this. Technology has to evolve in order to make the net a reality on the mobile. At the moment the mobile is mainly good for email. In India broadband prese3nts a major challenge for the development of web 2.0. In addition Indians are not used to putting videos of themselves.
      Sanjeev Bikchandani in Digital media offers triple play opportunity for broadcasters