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  2. About Goldman Sachs

    The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., or simply Goldman Sachs is one of the world's largest global investment banks. Goldman Sachs was founded in 1869, and is headquartered in the Lower Manhattan area of New York City at 85 Broad Street. Goldman Sachs has offices in leading financial centers such as New York City, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Zürich, Paris, São Paulo, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, Salt Lake City, Sydney, Dubai, Milan, Melbourne, Tokyo, Taipei, Moscow and Toronto.

    Goldman Sachs acts as a financial advisor to some of the most important companies, largest governments, and wealthiest families in the world. It is a primary dealer in the U.S. Treasury securities market. Goldman Sachs offers its clients mergers & acquisitions advisory, provides underwriting services, engages in proprietary trading, invests in private equity deals, and also manages the wealth of affluent individuals and families."

  3. Quotes about Goldman Sachs

    1. It's hard to imagine a financial institution that has weathered the economic crisis as well as Goldman Sachs has. Wall Street's most watched and talked-about erstwhile investment bank took just seven months to shake the government off its back - it repaid its tarp funds ($10bn) in June - and return to doing what it does best: making money.
      Lloyd Blankfein in Goldman's Blankfein hits bottom in Vanity Fair survey
    2. In light of this intense media coverage, Goldman Sachs has decided to proceed only with the offer to investors outside the U.S..
      In Goldman to Exclude U.S. from Facebook Placement
    3. We regret the consequences of this decision, but Goldman Sachs believes this is the most prudent path to take.
      In Goldman to Exclude U.S. from Facebook Placement