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    1. We have seen managed and unmanaged attrition along with a section of our staff taking up sabbatical and opting for part-time employment. The managed attrition has been a continuous process that we follow (there are multiple appraisal cycles in a year), and typically this is the bottom 10 per cent every year. There have not been any severe spikes that we have seen. We have also been opting for more temporary hires from other companies rather than full-time hires as we watch the economic uncertainty.
      In Photon Infotech cuts headcount, postpones Ipo
    2. Graduating students are looking for full-time jobs, while others are seeking summer internships. To help students during this intense time, we've built a Job Portal for Students and Recent Graduates providing easy access to entry-level jobs and internships at some of the best companies in the world.
      In LinkedIn Reaches 100 Mn Users, Launches Job Portal
    3. Being full-time employees, our doctors are absolutely free of any commercial compulsions. There is no pressure on them to over-prescribe or over-medicate.
      Kaushik Sen in Namrata Nandakumar, namrata@livemint.com