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    1. The fundamental issue in India is the risk/reward equation. It is simply too easy for a young developer in India to get paid a lot by an outsourcing firm; then enjoy being headhunted every year for more money. Those of us old enough to see a cycle or two, can see the parallels between Silicon Valley 1999 and Bangalore 2007, when just being able to spell the words of a popular programming language on a resume meant fame and fortune. It is possible that when this comes back to some reality, the motivation to innovate will come to young Indian developers (yes, young; breakthrough technical innovation tends to come from people under 30).
      In State of Innovation in India: 2009
    2. Mu Sigma is the most impressive analytics services company we have met in years, and the only one of its kind to deliver business analytics at scale for many Fortune 500 clients using a global delivery model.
      Shailendra Singh in Sequoia Capital bets on analytics with $25M Mu Sigma investment
    3. Every Fortune 1000 company wants to use social media to increase sales and brand awareness, but few have harnessed its full potential as a solution for customer engagement.
      Jon Sakoda in Hearsay Social Secures $18 Million From NEA and Sequoia Capital