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  2. About Force

    In physics, force is what causes a mass to accelerate. It may be experienced as a twist, a push, or a pull. The acceleration of a body is proportional to the vector sum of all forces acting on it (known as the net force or resultant force). In an extended body, force may also cause rotation, deformation, or a change in pressure. Rotational effects are determined by the torques, while deformation and pressure are determined by the stresses that the forces create.

    Net force is mathematically equal to the time rate of change of the momentum of the body on which it acts.
    Since momentum is a vector quantity (i.e., it has both a magnitude and direction), force also is a vector quantity.

    The concept of force has been used in statics and dynamics since ancient times. Ancient contributions to statics culminated in the work of Archimedes in the 3rd century BC, which still forms part of modern physics. In contrast, Aristotle's dynamics incorporated intuitive misunderstandings of the role of force which were eventually corrected in the 17th century, culminating in the work of Isaac Newton. name=uniphysics_ch2/> Following the development of quantum mechanics, it is now understood that particles influence each other through fundamental interactions, and therefore the standard model of particle physics demands that everything experienced fundamentally as a "force" is actually mediated by gauge bosons. Only four fundamental interactions are known; in order of decreasing strength, they are: strong, electromagnetic, weak, and gravitational. The weak and electromagnetic forces were unified into one electroweak interaction in 1970s.

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    1. The new management structure will draw the best synergies from the previous bcgi and XIUS. Together we will form a potent force with more than 20 years of telecom experience.
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    2. The acquisition has enabled Kronos to focus on its corporate goals of growing globally, expanding its presence in talent management and maintaining its leadership position in work-force management, without the distraction of needing to meet Wall Street's expectations every quarter.
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    3. Building capabilities and growing inorganically will be my top priorities. My journey in Quasar has been very fruitful for my professional growth. I joined as part of the founding team at Quasar and was pretty raw in the industry. We worked our way up and made Quasar a force to reckon with. It was a pleasure to be part of this growth story, and now to lead the team is a matter of pride for me.
      Sandeep Singh in Sandeep Singh elevated to Business Head, Brand and Media Solutions, at Quasar