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  2. Quotes about DTH

    1. At the time of issue of these regulations, only two DTH operators apart from Doordarshan were providing DTH services in the country. Since then, three new DTH operators have started commercial operations and the number of DTH subscribers has also risen to about 11 million.
      In TRAI Amends Quality Of Service Rules For DTH
    2. During his tenure, the organization consolidated its position of the country's largest DTH platform, which today carries 225 channels and enjoys approx 5 million subscribers on its platform.
      In Vinay Agarwal Steps Down As Dish Tv Ceo; No Replacement Yet
    3. Our proposition to customers is that our product is superior to DTH in terms of services, picture quality, and what we can deliver as services are not possible at all on DTH. DTH cannot offer real VOD and interactive services.
      In Smart Digivision To Launch IPTV In Delhi, Kolkata; Pricing; No Sun TV Content