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  2. About Draper Fisher Jurvetson

    Draper Fisher Jurvetson

    Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) is a venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California with affiliate offices in more than 30 cities around the world and over $4.5 billion in capital commitments. It is well known for funding Hotmail (acquired by Microsoft), Overture (acquired by Yahoo) and Skype (acquired by eBay).

    Founded in 1985 by Timothy C. Draper as Draper Associates.

    The firm is named after Managing Directors Timothy C. Draper, John H. N. Fisher and Steve Jurvetson."

  3. Quotes about Draper Fisher Jurvetson

    1. The adoption rate of our print-to-digital service has been remarkable over the past 24 months. Apart from leading international publishing houses, we are vendors to some of the most respected Global associations like the WAN, SNA, NNA etc This investment from Draper Fisher Jurvetson and NEA IndoUS Ventures, alongwith their combined energy and experience, will help Pressmart's amplify its global leadership position in authenticated, published, structured, audit-trail able and aggregated content, distributed over new media channels rapidly.
      Sanjiv Gupta in Pressmart Secures $6 Million Fund to Prop Up Global Growth
    2. We are delighted to have support from successful, high-profile venture firms like Draper Fisher Jurvetson along with Canaan Partners, SAP Ventures and SVB India Capital Partners.
      Uday Challu in iYogi Secures $15 Million in Funding Led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson to Fuel Surging Market Share in Rapidly Growing ...
    3. First, it was Silicon Valley investors like Draper Fisher Jurvetson, with the famous outrage by its Mohanjit Jolly against Indians, and now its executives from big Japanese, US funds. These people come here, lose money and then are forced to bow out.
      In Start-up shutdowns spook investors