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  2. About Dhruv Shringi

    Dhruv Shringi is the founder and executive director of Yatra.com


    1. Today, the hotels and holiday segment is very fragmented and there is a huge opportunity with customers evolving from booking flights to hotels.
      In Yatra Raises Rs 200Cr In Pre-IPO Round
    2. India represents a great opportunity for us.
      In Yatra Raises Rs 200Cr In Pre-IPO Round
    3. Around 2.5 lakh people buy rail tickets online, and as many buy domestic air tickets. That's because these services offer people value over having to go and buy air tickets or rail tickets from the travel provider. We give convenience, simplify choices, and help them find the best deals. Other sellers do very well when they demonstrate value.
      In Online retail, offline collaboration
    4. We have witnessed a shift in the mindset of the people and they are now exploring their options for the best deal apart from the traditional choice.
      In Online ho!