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  2. About DD Ganguly

    DD Ganguly

    D. D. Ganguly (DD) is CEO of Dimdim, Inc. Previously, as VP of Product Development at CA (NYSE:CA; $3.5B) he built and led an organization of 1000+ members.

    Mr. Ganguly joined CA in 2001 upon its acquisition of Boston based AIM, Inc. where he was founder and CEO. AIM’s software products minimized the downtime of e-business applications.

    Mr. Ganguly holds a BS in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.


    1. Effective immediately, we will no longer sell Dimdim's service. Instead, we will be focusing the engineering team on integrating Dimdim's real-time communication capabilities with Salesforce Chatter over the next year.
      In Dimdim Service To End; Non-core Employees Laid Off
    2. The revenue isn't material to salesforce.com.
      In Dimdim Service To End; Non-core Employees Laid Off
    3. We don'tcomment on rumurs or speculation. Dimdim's management team including myself will stay intact and remain focused on cloud-based communication and collaboration innovation.
      In Dimdim Service To End; Non-core Employees Laid Off
    4. Salesforce.com gives us the opportunity to apply our expertise and align our vision of real-time, social enterprise software in the cloud – at a scale that wouldn't have been otherwise possible.
      In Salesforce Buys Indian Startup DimDim For $31 Million
    5. We are thrilled that IT Structures is integrating Dimdim into their solution. Their customers can now benefit from Dimdim's easy and open web conferencing and the additional capabilities IT Structures offers through their integrated analytics. With this combination, sales managers can really understand the relationship of web-based meetings to customer engagement and closing deals. This perfectly highlights how Dimdim can save costs and generate revenue.
      In IT Structures Integrates Dimdim to Accelerate Sales Performance
    6. Dimdim has had an incredible ten months since our private launch at DemoFall 2007. Now more than 500,000 people in more than 180 countries have attended Dimdim Web Meetings.
      In DimDim Gets $6 Million in Series B Funding
    7. Dimdim is at the forefront of the movement to democratize software and it is our goal to enable universal communication for everyone.
      In Dimdim Frees Up Web Meetings
    8. By reducing complexity, providing our software via open source communities and implementing disruptively low pricing, we enable people and organizations arou nd the world to meet freely.
      In Dimdim Frees Up Web Meetings
    9. We're about democratizing collaboration.
      In Web Meeting Service Startup Takes On Cisco, Microsoft