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    1. This could put the creative back into search.
      Mark Kvamme in Kvamme To Aaaa: Marketers Need To 'Own The Conversation'
    2. We got more creative as the weeks went by, adding graphics, audio and video to help prepare clients for colleges and MBA programmes in the US.
      In This time it's personal
    3. With Karl, Sagar (Mahabaleshwarkar) and Ramanuj (Shastry) teaming up, I believe we have in place all the requisites to offer a complete and comprehensive creative output – something that is not currently on offer in the industry yet. Karl is not just insightful but has the right mix of maturity and ambition to take the organisation to the next level of brilliance. We wish him all the best.
      In Karl Gomes is NCD, Digital, Rediffusion Y&r