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    1. Our new mobile app is an important step in establishing Vonage as a software technology company that enables high-quality voice and messaging across any device in any location, providing great value over any broadband network.
      In Why Vonage Mobile Is Too Little, Too Late
    2. We are pleased to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan for our solution that brings comprehensive DSL service assurance capabilities to the world's largest broadband access market, LDP is based on Aware's 15 years of experience in designing DSL chipsets and systems that, when combined with our focus on test and diagnostics solutions, uniquely position us to deliver software test solutions that will expand the capabilities of DSL networks for decades to come.
      In Aware’s Dr. DSL Line Diagnostics Platform Receives Frost & Sullivan Excellence Award
    3. The extraordinary growth in Wi-Fi usage is yet another indication of customers' reliance on mobile broadband and of the many benefits that venues receive by making Wi-Fi available to their customers and employees.
      In Use of AT&T’s Wi-Fi Network Grows to More Than 68 Million Connections in the Second Quarter