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    1. There's an increasing broadband penetration and growing use of Web 2.0. About 54% of the Indian users are below 25 years of age - and this target group constitutes our core user base. We at BigAdda plan to incorporate more Web 2.0 features, which would make this site more interactive and exciting for our users right from the moment they log on.
      Siddhartha Roy in BigAdda Enhances With Web 2.0
    2. The internet is inherently unpredictable and unreliable. Also, while there is a lack of broadband connectivity in India, even the technologically advanced countries face similar issues. People have to wait in a queue while others are still on the page, which could also be the reason why consumers hop from one portal to another resulting in zero brand loyalty.
      In Online ho!
    3. Pakistan's current Internet penetration is around 7.5% compared to India's 4.5%. With over USD $500 million recently invested here in broadband and WiMAX infrastructure, we are projecting Internet penetration to increase to around 16% over the next three years. We will leverage our leadership position to generate cross traffic for other key online services for the benefit of Pakistan's vibrant Internet community.
      Monis Rahman in ePlanet Ventures Invests in Naseeb Networks