1. Bombay Stock Exchange

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  2. About Bombay Stock Exchange

    The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (Hindi:) (formerly, The Stock Exchange, Mumbai; popularly called The Bombay Stock Exchange, or BSE) is the oldest stock exchange in Asia. It is located at Dalal Street, Mumbai, India.

    The Bombay Stock Exchange was established in 1875. There are around 4,800 Indian companies listed with the stock exchange, and has a significant trading volume. As of May 2007, the equity market capitalization of the companies listed on the BSE was about Rs. 40.7 trillion (US $ 999 billion). The BSE SENSEX (SENSitive indEX), also called the "BSE 30", is a widely used market index in India and Asia. As of 2005, it is among the five biggest stock exchanges in the world in terms of transactions volume."

  3. Quotes about Bombay Stock Exchange

    1. Eros will need to take the lead in further consolidating its market position in the current economic climate, given the company's size, scale and liquidity. We will achieve this through a combination of strategic alliances but also through listing our subsidiary firm on the Bombay Stock Exchange.
      In Eros To List Indian Subsidiary On BSE; Naresh Chandra To Be Chairman