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    1. Apart from servicing our international clientele, we are uniquely poised to leverage our deep domain and technology expertise to provide this rapidly growing market with technology, business process management, and actuarial advisory services.
      Karthik Krishnaswami in US-Based SCIOinspire Corp. announces Indian operations
    2. We see great opportunity for the operational model pioneered in India expanding in other markets. Innovis has domain expertise, and is already offering a range of advanced consulting and advisory services in South East Asia and Africa.
      Upal Basu in Innovis Telecom Services Gets Funding From Nokia Growth Partners
    3. Signal Hill India will initially provide advisory services, focusing on sell-side M&A services and private placement work in sectors such as IT services, BPO, mobile computing and mobile VAS, enterprise and infrastructure software, IT security, healthcare IT, Internet, e-commerce and education.
      In Signal Hill Forms Indian I-banking Arm, To Focus On Tech & Education