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  2. About Accel Partners

    Accel Partners

    Founded in 1983, Accel Partners has a long legacy of excellence and innovation in the venture capital business. The firm is dedicated to partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs to build world-class Internet, software and networking companies. Accel Partners has more than $4bn under management from its offices in Palo Alto and London, and its portfolio companies have completed IPOs that have created well over $150 billion in market capitalisation. Representative current and former investments include Brightcove, Comscore, Double Fusion, Facebook, Glam, Macromedia, RealNetworks, and The Cloud.


  3. Quotes about Accel Partners

    1. Accel Partners has a superb track record in identifying winning technology companies in high growth markets, and we are delighted that they recognize the value of our vision by joining our team.
      Chris Pinkham in Nimbula Announces $15 Million Series B Round of Financing; Total Funding ...
    2. The LetsBuy.com team has the vision and the business acumen to identify opportunities and make them stepping stones towards growth. In the process they present the best offerings to their customers and meet the goals chalked out by the partner investors. The strategy and plans match those valued by the Accel Partners team.
      Prashanth Prakash in LetsBuy.com Raises $6M From Helion, Accel & Tiger Global
    3. The strategy and plans match those valued by the Accel Partners team. We are confident this relationship will be beneficial for all
      In LetsBuy.com Raises $6 million from Helion, Accel and Tiger Global