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    1. Live blogging LinkedIn DevelopherDelhi Girls hackday… first womans only hackday in India!

      Live blogging LinkedIn DevelopherDelhi Girls hackday… first womans only hackday in India!
      LinkedIn DevelopherDelhi Hackday has kicked off at the SlideShare Delhi office. This is the first of its kind event in India. And its happening at the same time as Developher Mountain View, being organised by LinkedIn over the weekend. Exciting times with two co-occuring events separated by 12000 kms and a 12 hour time zone [...]
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    2. Aircel’s innovation in Mumbai rains

      Aircel Innovation In Mumbai On Rains View more presentations from philippearmand. Aircel in Mumbai came up with this innovative mix of Marketing + CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This unique idea (and its implementation) deserves appreciation as it helped the Mumbaikars during the recent rains. If you have come across any such example of innovation or company CSR…. [...]
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      Mentions: Amit Ranjan Aircel
    3. Use Twitition to make Continental Airlines apologise for Abdul Kalam’s frisking

      Incensed by the reported frisking of former Indian President Dr Abdul Kalam by Continental Airlines, this Twitition is urging Indians to tweet their way to get Continental to apologise. Started by Arvind, a blogger from Coimbatore, the petition goes as “I am sure you read our former President APJ Abdul Kalam was frisked by bunch [...]
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    4. Excellent overview presentation about the Indian IT industry

      If you are looking for an overarching snapshot of the Indian IT industry, give this presentation a good look. This comes from IBEF, The India Brand Equity Forum (run by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry & the Confederation of Indian Industry). Indian IT and ITeS Industry Presentation 010709 View more Microsoft Word documents from Nimish Adani. Though [...]
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    5. Fachak Mashbox: Create an embeddable playlist of videos, slideshows, documents …

      Fachak, the Delhi based startup that is backed by Morpheus Ventures has rolled out a mashup that I would describe as a VERY smart piece of widget engineering. Its called a mashbox and you can actually create an embeddable widget consisting of a sequential playlist of youtube videos, slideshare presentations, documents, images- all rolled into [...]
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    6. BJP’s IT vision document: Supports open source, unrestricted Voip, broadband at cable TV prices etc

      Elections in India are hotting up and the internet is now increasingly becoming a playground of the political forces in reaching out to the (urban) voters. Check out the BJP’s IT vision document that was released a few days back. Someone uploaded it to SlideShare. The document lays out the party’s views on various aspects [...]
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    7. Yauba: World’s first Privacy Safe™ search engine… does this make any sense?

      Yauba, an Indian/British search engine company has rolled out what it describes as the World’s First Privacy Safe™ search engine. Its USP lies in protecting users’ safety, security and privacy online. Yauba believes in the somewhat purist standpoint that global internet companies are grossly violating their users’ privacy. On its part, it assures users [...]
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      Mentions: Amit Ranjan
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