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    1. “Every Problem Or Challenge Can Turn Out To Be An Opportunity” - Outlook

      Outlook“Every Problem Or Challenge Can Turn Out To Be An Opportunity”OutlookThe way web 2.0 companies are proliferating today, everything is on the web. So it's strange that the sector ... But I still think it's a worthwhile dream to pursue and, I hope, some day, someone succeeds in achieving it in India. The turn of events at ...
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    2. Clickety Click

      Clickety Click
      engaluru-based Tresa George, 25, is new to the world of internet shopping. After her first online purchase in December, she now shops online for almost everything except groceries. George, who works at Goldman Sachs, says she has no time to shop and online stores help her buy things she wants at the click of a mouse. “It’s so convenient,” she says. “I get the product in a week and if I don’t like it, the delivery man comes back to pick it up, so I can return it.” Thousands of others like George
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