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    1. Piramal Healthcare to make Rs 3,036 Cr profit by selling its 11% stake in Vodafone India

      Piramal Enterprises has agreed to divest its entire 11% stake in Vodafone India, comprising 4.54 crore shares, to Vodafone group’s indirect subsidiary Prime Metals Limited for Rs 8,900 crore at Rs 1,960 per share, the company has informed BSE (pdf). This transaction values Vodafone India at Rs 80,939.7 crore or approximately £8 billion.

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    2. Ybrant Digital to acquire minority stake in Jobookit

      Ybrant Digital has agreed to pick up a minority stake in the Israeli online recruitment company Jobookit through its Israeli subsidiary Ybrant Digital Israel for an undisclosed amount, the company has informed BSE (pdf).

      In addition to this, the company has also inked an agreement to exclusively represent Jobookit and its affiliate websites as an online advertiser for the next 30 months.

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    3. Prime Focus Technologies raises Rs 45 crore

      On the heels of closing the DAX acquisition, Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology subsidiary of the BSE-listed media & entertainment service provider Prime Focus has raised Rs 45 crore from several investors by issuing optionally convertible debentures (OCDs). After 2 years, these investors will also have an option of converting up to 25% of the total principal amount into equity of PFT.

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    4. TRAI’s New Policy For Restoration Of Numbers In Banned For Spam Messages Is Arbitrary

      An odd half-measure from the TRAI, allowing restoration of numbers that have been blocked because of inclusion in spam messages by paying an arbitrary amount of Rs 500 and above, but not more than Rs 5 lakh. As we had pointed out earlier, the blocking of numbers within reported spam messages had created a situation where users might find their number blocked even though they might not have anything to do with the message.

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    5. Funding digest: Catapooolt, Wits Solution, PK Online

      Crowdfunding website Catapooolt has raised raised $150k in seed funding from in a round led by Venture Nursery Angels, with participation from Calcutta Angels, ah! Angels and some people from the industry, reports iamwire.

      The company will use the funds raised for upgrading its technology and hiring a bigger team along with marketing and business development activities.

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    6. OnMobile to sell VoxMobili for $23-26 million

      (By Nikhil Pahwa & NT Balanarayan) OnMobile Global Ltd has informed BSE that it has signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to sell telecom solutions company VoxMobili for $23-26 million, without specifying who the buyer is. Note that Vox Mobili reported a turnover of EUR 12.70 million and profit of EUR 1.03 million in FY13.

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    7. Can Whatsapp Launch An MVNO In India?

      We didn’t see this coming: Whatsapp has partnered with German carrier E-Plus to launch a Whatsapp SIM card, effectively taking on the role of an MVNO. As per AndroidNext, the SIM costs EUR 10, and has the same amount as balance, has Whatsapp usage for free, even with zero balance. Services cost € 0.09 per minute for calls and per SMS on German networks, and € 0.24 per MB for data usage. There’s a special tariff voucher called WhatsAll for €10, where users get 600 credits.

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    8. Facebook has 100M monthly active users in India, but where’s the money?

      Facebook has 100 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in India as of March 31, making it the only country after US to cross the mark, Javier Olivan, vice-president, growth & analytics, Facebook, told The Economic Times. This is apart from the 40-45 million users it has in India for the messaging service WhatsApp, which Facebook had acquired earlier this year.

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    9. Wearable devices chip manufacturer Ineda Systems raises $17M

      Hyderabad-based Ineda Systems that is developing low-power chips for wearable devices has received $17 million in funding from investment arms of Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm, reports The Wall Street Journal. Techcircle however, claims that the round was led by Walden International, which had also invested in the company back in October last year.

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    10. Mukund Mohan to head Microsoft Ventures operations in the US, China and India

      Mukund Mohan, who was  the director of Microsoft Ventures in India, will now head the venture arm’s work in US and China, apart from India, reports Business Standard. Mohan will now be based out of Redmond and his role in India will be split between Ravi Narayan and Rajnish Menon, who are both directors at Microsoft Ventures currently.

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    11. #Election2014: Know your candidates through this Google tool

      Google just schooled every media and digital company trying to give an overview of Indian election. It has introduced a Know Your Candidate tool on the election page it had launched in November 2013 that lets you find out who the candidates are in each constituency, their declared assets, education level, social media accounts, website, age and political alliance.

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    12. Vserv adds real-time bidding to its mobile ad exchange

      Vserv.mobi has introduced real-time bidding on its mobile ad exchange providing advertisers with access to rich media inventory while enabling them to target and bid only for select audience segments.

      Vserv notes that this exchange will provide advertisers with access to ad inventory from over 150,000 apps and mobile sites (including premium full screen ads) in emerging markets like India, SouthEast Asia, Latin America, Africa & Middle East.

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    13. Telcos in India can now raise debt using spectrum as collateral

      Telcos in India can raise debt by pledging spectrum as collateral, since Department of Telecom (DoT) has reportedly agreed to the finance ministry’s views of classifying bandwidth as a tangible asset, reports The Economic Times.

      According to an internal telecom department note accessed by the publication, spectrum bandwidth met all criteria set for an asset to be recognised as tangible, as it is similar to optic fibre and other transmission networks.

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    14. MapmyIndia’s Rover offers vehicle tracking with house-level data

      Location based services and maps company MapmyIndia has introduced a new vehicle safety solution with house-level data called Rover.

      The company notes that this solution will allow users to track the location of their vehicles in real-time on mobile and web browsers via GPS. One can also create routes and get alerts via SMS or email in case the vehicle deviates from the route.

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    15. Guess what? There’s no procedure to delist your Aadhaar number from UID database

      UIDAI does not have any procedure to remove Aadhaar number from its database. A Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) of UIDAI has informed(pdf), in response to an RTI filed requesting procedure for removing the number.

      The RTI sought answers to the requests received for authentication, confirmation, or matching of any of the RTI applicant’s data held by the UIDAI, the details of the persons or entities asking for such authentication and certified copies of requests and responses sent on the same. UIDAI CPIO initially said that his data was not shared with anyone, but the appellant questioned this ...

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    16. July Systems raises $2.1M funding; Appoints BJ Arun as new CEO

      Bangalore-based mobile application platform provider July Systems has raised $2.1 million of a $2.9 million investment round, the company has informed in an SEC filing. (hat tip – TechCircle). It’s currently not clear who the investors are and where the company plans to use the funds raised. We are currently awaiting a response from July Systems on this.

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    17. Yahoo’s Anand Chandrasekaran joins Bharti Airtel as Chief Product Officer

      Bharti Airtel has appointed former Yahoo’s senior director for search Anand Chandrashekaran as Chief Product Officer and he will focus on improving the company’s data services, reports The Economic Times.

      This is a new designation created by Airtel for Chandrasekaran, who who recently helped Yahoo integrate Yelp into search results.

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    18. Avendus & Zodius Capital to invest up to $500M in India-centric digital businesses


      Financial services firm Avendus Capital‘s subsidiary Alternate Asset Management has partnered with the Mumbai-based digital media investor-operator Zodius Capital to setup a new multi-stage technology fund called Zodius Capital II, which will focus on late-stage and pre-IPO technology companies.

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    19. AIADMK Manifesto 2014: Against FDI In Retail, For State Cable TV, Curbing Imports

      The AIADMK, the party currently in power in the state of Tamil Nadu, opposes FDI in Retail, wants every state government to have its own cable TV service, is against import of goods that are non-essential, and is against FDI in Retail.

      1. Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Trade: The AIADMK has been incessantly opposing the policy of Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Trade. FDI in retail trade has not been permitted in Tamil Nadu.

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    20. Tools to make killer apps: Quick guide for developers – Deepak Abbot

      If you are a superhero app developer who can solve all problems on its own, then this article is not for you. This is meant for developers who are looking to make their mobile apps go from good to fantastic using the right third party tools & SDKs. App developers should focus on their core offerings and let specialist platforms take care of the rest.

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    21. BJP 2014 Manifesto: Focus on eLearning, eHealth, SMEs, govt processes; FDI

      The manifesto of the BJP, which leads the National Democratic Alliance that lost power to the current UPA government 10 years ago, has a lot to offer to the digital industry, but remains remarkably silent on a few key issues such as Aadhaar, CMS, and fixing IT Laws. Importantly, the BJP has taken a strong stand against FDI in multi brand retail, which means that there probably isn’t a single political party in the country which supports a nationwide implementation of FDI in multi-brand retail.

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    22. Most of Opera Mini users in India still use Java-based phones

      58% Indians using Opera Mini mobile browsers use low end Java-based devices, while 30% use Android and 12% using other operating systems, the company revealed via a Tweet on Internet usage metrics of Indians. The company has not disclosed the actual number of people who use Opera Mini browser on Java-based handsets, but it revealed on its website that it has 270 million mobile users globally as of December, 2013.

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