1. Metro savvy VCs struggle to look past comfort zone

    Metro savvy VCs struggle to look past comfort zone
    This affects future scalability across India," said Sachin Maheshwari, principal at Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ). Lack of management bandwidth and professionalism are other reasons, he feels. However, VCs are now devising ways to address these ...
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    1. There is a huge addressable market in tier 2 towns and villages for a range of sectors like agro based industries. However, identifying good businesses still remains a major issue as the due diligence process is complicated.
      By Rajesh Srivathsa
    2. These companies address a small town or city and hence, revenues are limited. This affects future scalability across India.
    3. Rural areas in particular have shown to be recession proof. Lots of auto companies and FMCG companies have invested in these areas heavily in recent times. We are looking at numerous opportunities in microfinance, rural technology and food processing.
      By Kartik Srivatsa
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