1. SKS Microfinance raises $75 Million (Rs. 366 Crore)

    Sequoia Capital, Vinod Khosla, SIDBI, Unitus and Columbia Ventures Corporation are among the existing equity partners of SKS Microfinance. ...
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    1. At SKS there is a unique opportunity to build one of India's next great companies, such as Bharti, Infosys or L&T. SKS has the right pedigree of leadership, an enormous market where they possess a superior operating model, a desire to incorporate best practices in corporate governance and a passionate set of employees that are driven by the singular mission of enabling the poor, profitably. Our investment will give some of India's poorest communities the opportunity to improve their lives while simultaneously providing investors returns that are uncorrelated to traditional finance businesses.
    2. Capitalization of this size has a positive impact on leverage and capital adequacy. The impressive net worth of Rs.610 crore ($126 Million) further encourages credit extensions from SKS's stable funding partners in the banking system and this will enable us to meet the financial needs of our existing micro-borrowers as well as new borrowers.
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