1. Mukta Arts Buys Majority In Mobile Content Firm Coruscant Tec

    Mobile content company Coruscant Tec has finally found a buyer. Bollywood biggie Mukta Arts Ltd has agreed to pick up 51% stake in Mumbai based Coruscant for an undisclosed sum. Mukta has retained the right to acquire the remaining 49% stake by next year, Probir Roy, Co-founder and board member of Coruscant Tec told VC Circle. Coruscant was founded by Roy and Ajay Adiseshann, who, in 2006, founded mobile payment company Paymate. Both Roy and Adiseshann had an understanding with PayMate's investors - Kleiner Perkins and Sherpalo - that they would give up the management of Coruscant. The current deal is ...
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